Girls Trousers

Girls Trousers


Individual items are not for sale. Refer to Girl and Boy School Boxes.

School Box is a 100% Irish Owned. School box is a unique service, the first of its kind in Ireland by offering an online all school supplies shopping experience in a one stop shop for parents for both primary and secondary schools. Our online service supports parents by offering our convenient range of products through our option packs that takes the hassle out of shopping, all delivered to your door. Our 3 – payment instalment option between January – May each year aims to support parents financially.


School Box takes pride in supporting Schools financially by offering our complimentary services in the areas of mental and physical health. Offering a holistic approach and wrap around service is important to School Box because supporting parents, children and the overall school community is paramount to why the School Box initiative was set up.

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Individual items are not for sale. Refer to Girl and Boy School Boxes.

School Box is a professional service that offers a variety of quality products to our customers. All our products are made to the highest standard that allows high resistance and durability for every day use. All our products  will be tailored and specific to meet all your school needs.

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4-5yrs/22"w/17.5"Length, 4-5yrs/24"w/17.5Length, 5-6yrs/22.5"w/18.5Length, 5-6yrs/24.5"w/18.5Length, 6-7yrs/25.5"w/19.5"Length, 6/7yrs/23.5"w/19.5"Length, 7-8yrs/24"w/21"Length, 7-8yrs/26"w/21"Length, 8-9yrs/24.5"w/22"length, 8-9yrs/26.5"w/22"Length, 9-10yrs/25"w/23.5"Length, 9-10YRS/27"W/23.5"LENGTH, 10-11yrs/25.5"w/24.5"Length, 10-11yrs/28"w/24.5"Length, 11-12yrs/26"w/25.5"Length, 11-12yrs/29"w/25.5"Length, 12-13yrs/27"w/26.5"Length, 13-14yrs/28"w/28"Length, 14-15yrs/29"w/29"Length, 15-16yrs/30"w/30"Length, 16-17yrs/31"w/31"Length, 30"Waist/27"Leg, 30"Waist/30"Leg, 32"Waist/27"Leg, 32"Waist/30"Leg, 34"Waist/27"Leg, 34"Waist/30"Leg, 36"Waist/27"Leg, 36"Waist/30"Leg, 38"Waist/30"Leg

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Black, Grey, Navy


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